Total wireless In Ear Headphones

Best sound – totally wireless with bluetooth 4.2

Best of sound quality

When listening becomes an experience. Dive into the world of sound. Fuse with the music. Have lyrics whispered into your ears. Our eardots capture every acoustic detail and provide the best possible sound

Best of wireless comfort

Experience the greatest possible freedom with wireless in-ear earphones that are so light, you hardly feel them. So small, you hardly notice them. So clean and functionally designed that it quickly becomes clear that this is something essential.

Best of bluetooth 4.2

Technology: State-of-the-art It’s hard to believe how many innovations are hidden in the small eardots. With the newest 4.2 Bluetooth technology, the connection is faster, better and more precise. It does not get much more modern than that.

Best of usability

Enjoy the freedom of listening to 10 hours on the go with the small, minimalistic chargingbox.

Total wireless phone calls

Enjoy the freedom of simply wireless phone calls

Integrated Noise reduction

Full concentration on the essential – completely relaxed with noise reduction and eco-canceling



As small as possible, as light as possible and no unnecessary extras: The eardots only weigh a bit more than a 10-cent coin, at 4 grams.


Not so clingy: The smartphone paired with the eardots can be up to 10 meters away.


Bluetooth isn’t all the same: The eardots are equipped with the newest 4.2 technology, making them noise free, faster and more economical to use.

eardots in classy black

The black eardots are the perfect in-ear companions for everyone who like to keep it classic. Even people who own black smartphones who want to match their colors will have their fun with the variants of the same color.

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eardots in pure white

White smartphone? A weakness for light colors? A partner who already has the eardots in black? All reasons to get the white eardots. But actually you don’t need a reason. Anything you like goes.

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About the eardots

eardots: the wireless in-ear headphones for pure listening pleasure.
The latest technology, excellent sound quality, maximum freedom, and minimalist design – our eardots provide the best conditions for the perfect ‘just listen’ moment. They are ideal companions for all those who love music more than anything.

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Smart design, always with you!

No matter if you’re reading, studying, working out, or at work – eardots are the perfect companions for great musical enjoyment.

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