Great fit.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

Remain firmly in place during sport

Direct dot button for volume adjustment, track selection and voice control

Splash and sweatproof

Great match.

Compatible with iOS and Android (smartphones/ -watches, tablets, smart TV, …)

Consistent connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5.0

5.5 hours of playing time

30 hours of peak performance when used with the charging box

Great sound.

NewTech membranes for fantastic sound

Noise reduction – while remaining aware of what’s happening around you

Crystal clear phone calls

eardots in classy black

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As small as possible, as light as possible and no unnecessary extras: The eardots only weigh a bit more than a 10-cent coin, at 4 grams.


Incredible 5,5 hours playing time


Bluetooth isn’t all the same: The eardots are equipped with the newest 5.0 technology, making them noise free, faster and more economical to use.