Who are we?

Enthusiasts for trendy, casual, crazy things and technical innovations – just like our eardots.

We’ve spent many years developing our eardots for you, our valued customers. To do this, we’ve been fiddling around with many things – technology, sound and our unique design. Ultimately, we are proud of the result and wish you much fun with our eardots.

Our eardots

Our eardots  are some of the lightest and most high quality wireless in ear bluetooth headphones  on the market. They will not just come with their unique design, but thanks to the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, they are the ideal companion for the best you can ever, regardless of whether it’s the smartphone in your handbag, your backpack or even in the other room; you’ll always enjoy the best sound without pesky interruptions!

Our mission

We just want to create that “just list moment” for our customers!

Whatever you do, wherever you are, enjoy your favorite music with our eardots.

Up to the minute listening and enjoyment.

Our vision

We want the best sound with the best technology and unique design from Austria for our customers.