eardot 2.0 – The New Generation

#Power (Fig. 1.1.)

Charging your eardots: Put both eardots into the fully charged charging box. If the charging box supplies enough power, the LEDs on the eardots will turn red. Your eardots are fully charged when the LEDs turn blue, after which they will automatically switch off. Time required to fully charge your eardots: approx. 1 hour.

Recharging your eardots: Press the on-off switch of your charging box for approx. one second until the LEDs from the box and from the eardots switch on and the charging starts. Thus you can be sure that the batteries of the eardots are always fully charged before next use.

When fully charged, the eardot batteries will last for approx. 5.5 hours.

Charging the charging box: The cable for the charging box is compatible with all USB charging stations. The charging box is fully charged when all three LEDs turn blue. Time required to fully charge the box: approx. 2 hours

A pair of eardots can be charged up to 6x on one charging box charge. That means approx. 30 hours of use.

#Activation (Fig. 2.1.)

Press both dot buttons at the same time for 2 seconds until their LEDs start flashing blue – then release the dot buttons immediately. The right eardot will flash red-blue and the left eardot blue once they have automatically paired.

Activate “Bluetooth” under “Settings” on your output device (smartphone, tablet,…) and select “eardot” as the playback device.

#Dot button controls


Left eardot:   press 1x = pause, press again = continue press 2x = next track press 3x = repeat track

Right eardot:                press 1x = increase volume (volume +) press 2x = reduce volume (volume -) press 3x = activate voice control


Incoming calls: press 1x right or left = accept call During a phone call: press 1x right or left = end call

The call volume is adjusted on the output device (smartphone, tablet,…).

#Wearing your eardots

For the most authentic sound quality, insert your eardots as far as possible into your ears. The eardots’ ergonomic design enables a variety of wearing positions, whichever one is most comfortable for you. However, there are two particularly popular positions:

  1. eardot with the angular section pointing (Fig. 3.1. – 3.3.)
  2. eardot with the angular section point downwards (so you have to swap them round and wear the right eardot in the left ear and the left eardot in the right ear). People with smaller ears prefer this position especially. When using this option, bear in mind that the dot button control commands will also be switched


#Switching off your eardots

Press both dot buttons at the same time for approx. 3 seconds until the LEDs turn red. The eardots switch off automatically and start charging once they have been returned to the charging box.