1. Charging the Charging-Box:

Take the Charging-Box out of the package and fully charge with the included charging cable until all 3 LEDs shine red or the box shuts itself down. The current charge status is displayed by pressing the On/Off switch for about 5 seconds. After holding it down for another 5 seconds, the Charging-Box shuts down. If you forget to shut it off, that’s not a problem: After 10 seconds it will do that on its own.

  1. 1 Red LED lights up: 30% battery power
  2. 2 Red LEDs light up: 60% battery power
  3. 3 Red LEDs light up: 100% battery power

The charging time for battery power of less than 30% is about 2 hours. Note: You can charge the eardots on the go up to 4 times with a fully charged Charging-Box!

2. Switching on the eardots:

Take both eardots out of the package and hold them so that the LEDs are easily visible and L and R are located in the relevant hands. (Fig. 1.1.)
Simultaneously press the push buttons of both eardots for about 10 seconds to switch them on and select the master (that eardot with which you want to control everything and make telephone calls): The LEDs on both eardots will blink red and blue alternately. Select a master eardot (L or R) and click twice rapidly on the push button (Message: “searching for earbud”). The selected eardot will continue to blink red and blue alternately, while the other only blinks blue slowly (Message: “pairing success / sort connected / left channel / right channel”). Note: The master selection only has to be done once. The chip will recognize which is the master eardot when they are next switched on (by pressing for 5 seconds on the push buttons of both eardots). If you wish to change the master, click again for 10 seconds on both eardots and repeat the steps above.

3. Connecting to Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/PC/Smart TV:

Activate Bluetooth on your device and go to the Bluetooth settings. “Eardot” is displayed there. Connect your eardots to the device by clicking on your device on “eardot” (Message: “pairing success / sort connected”). The LEDs on both eardots will now slowly blink blue. This means that your device is connected to your eardots. Note: Your eardots will automatically connect to your device the next time, if you keep Bluetooth activated there. If you wish to use your eardots with another device, you must delete the old connection on the last selected device, if it is located in the same room.

4. Switching off/Charging the eardots:

Press the push button for about 5 seconds to switch off the eardots (Message: “power off”). You can also just put them in the Charging-Box, then they will automatically disconnect from the device and shut down. Open the Charging-Box by pressing on the side of the connection (Fig. 2.1.) and put both eardots into the openings for L and R. When they are correctly lying on their charging poles, the LEDs on the eardots and the Charging-Box will shine red. When the eardots are fully charged, the LEDs on the eardots will shine blue and the Charging-Box shuts down automatically and the LEDs on the eardots and the Charging-Box go off.

Note: A headphone symbol with a battery on your device displays the charge status of the eardots. So that the eardots are always fully charged and are not lost, we recommend always keeping them in the Charging-Box when you are not using them!

Adjustments and Insertion

1. Selecting earplugs:

Select the correct size of the included silicone earplugs in the sizes S/M/L for your ears and place them over the eardots.

Note: If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the larger, the better your auditory canal is sealed, the better and richer the sound!

2. Inserting into the ear:

Put the eardots into your ear as shown:

  • – Pull the ear up slightly with the other hand
  • – Insert the eardot and make sure that the flat bracket is at the back (Fig. 3.1.)
  • – Turn the eardot forward so that the bracket sits under the inner fold (anthelix) of your ear auricle (Fig. 3.2.).
  • – Release your ear so that the eardot is firmly inserted. You will notice this from the “suction effect”, which you will feel if the eardot is placed correctly. (Fig. 3.3.)Note: The deeper the eardot sits in your auditory canal, the better and richer the sound. You can also insert the eardots in a different manner if it is more comfortable for you!


1. Listening to Music:

When the eardots are well seated in your ears (Fig. 3.3.) and are connected to your device, you can listen to your favorite music! You make your music selections (including volume) on the device. The push button on the master eardot has the following functions:

1 click: pause song / resume song

2 clicks: next song

3 clicks: start song from beginning

2. Telephone calls:

When someone calls you, you will hear the ring tone in the master eardot. Clicking once on the push button will answer the call – or hang up. Note: Make sure that the ring tone on your device is not set too loudly, your eardot takes up the ring tone volume from your device!

3. Push Button Functions:

Press 1x for about 5 seconds on both eardots = switch eardots on/off

Press 1x for about 10 seconds on both eardots = set master eardot

Press 1x quickly on the master eardot  = pause/resume music

Press 1x quickly on the master eardot = answer/end call

Press 2x quickly on the master eardot – next music title

Press 3x quickly on the master eardot = repeat music title/go back one title

4. eardot Messages:

Power On = eardot is switched on

Power Off = eardot is switched off

Searching for eardot = Master eardot searches for the other eardot

Pairing = connecting to device/setting master eardot

Pairing success = connection successful

Sort connected = devices connected

Sort disconnected / Pairing = connection lost / reconnecting

Low battery = charge eardots in the Charging-Box